Sunday, August 2, 2009


First, let me say what a beautiful city Munich is. It is so gorgeous and so walkable. This is my second time here as an adult. The last time, I was seven months pregnant with Lola and it was January, perhaps the coldest couple of days of the year. It was still gorgeous then. Everything was kind of buttoned up then, and now it's like summer has let everything spill out onto the sidewalks. There are people everywhere, cheerful people sitting under cafe umbrellas carrying on conversations, smoking, just generally engaged with the world.

During my last trip, I was homesick for my husband but I was happy to have a work project that brought me to Germany, and I was really excited to explore. These are a few images that stuck with me from that trip--ones that I actually took during this trip with the family I didn't even know I'd have.

This is the coolest passage I've ever seen. It borders Marienplatz. I need to get a photo of the exterior so you can see the cladding. It's very cool. But what you see here is the interior view with the vines of plants hanging down, alternating with bare bulbs in a grid pattern. The stores in here a amazing: Alessi, Muji, youknow....
Here are Lola and Henry with their Cute Dad in Marienplatz the other evening. More pictures to come from more time in Marienplatz. It's just so beautiful at sunset. The light on the old town hall is really pretty; everything gets a little dreamy.
This is the view from our illegally parked rental car. I can't figure out the parking-by-trust ticketing system in German. Regardless, the view is Gorgeous, no? This is looking down Ludwigstrasse, (or Leopoldstrasse?) toward the Marienplatz.
More pictures soon. We're loving the trip. Not every moment is easy but the good ones make the terrible ones a little more tolerable.
What's coming?
Posts on Starnberger See, on the Hofbraukeller and its free childcare (brilliant!), on the search for traditional dirndl and lederhosen, and more...

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