Friday, July 31, 2009



Just to assure you there is beer in Germany.
Geography and flavor to be offered in future posts.

HofBrau Park in Herrenchiemsee:
Smaller than standard servings at our own request, as beer is also served to and fro on the ferry.
Munich Tierpark Biergarten:
The Helles bier (light beer) on the left was mine. The Weissbier on the right was Jeffrey's. Brilliant to have a biergarten at the zoo.



Since Chiemsee is so close to Salzburg, I offered to Jeffrey that we should check it out. This is about all we saw as both kids fell asleep in their carseats and we didn't dare wake them. We got some sandwiches at a gas station and ate them in the car on the way back to Munich.
Still, we stopped by Austria for some dinner.